The Long Journey To Jake Palmer (review)

I picked up this little delicacy by James Rubart from Amazon and read it on my phone using the Kindle app.  It’s the first book I’ve ever read completely in digital form so it was a little odd for me.

This book takes off from page one. Rubart doesn’t waste time with a bunch of hoopla surrounding the story’s setup. He creates a solid setting early and launches straight into the story from there. I prefer this type of structure. I get drawn in quickly with these sorts of novels. On the other hand, I dread drawn out openings that take the first 100 pages setting the scene. Give me tension and quickly!

The story follows Jake on an annual vacation with several of his friends. This adventure follows a series of unfortunate events for Jake, including a violent physical injury and a much unwanted divorce. Jake’s spirit is crushed and he nearly refuses to go on this life changing journey. A change of venue is exactly what he needed to be persuaded. By divine providence, Jake sits next to a man on a flight who just happens to know of the perfect place for their annual getaway.

While on this vacation he hears of a local legend that he decides to investigate. Turns out this legend is real, and Jake finds it.

This is where the supernatural meets reality in the book. Jake visits different realms of existence, each varying in depth and intensity but confronting a painful reality in Jake’s life. These visits lead to a final “test” of sorts. Ultimately, through the confrontations, he steps out of denial, through recovery, and into a restored life in Christ.

When I read this book, I was struggling with my identity so it was a well timed read for me. Just like Jake Palmer, I needed the approval and acceptance of others so I could feel good about myself, defining who I was by what others thought. BUT, just who did God create me to be? This book certainly helped me discover pain I held inside, pain I didn’t even know was there. Once discovered, I was able to confront the lies I believed about myself and step forward into the confidence of knowing who God made me to be.

A highly recommended read!


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