For Father’s Day 2016, I bought a smoker for the father of my children (AKA Husband).  He has always wanted one so I researched all the different types and styles.  I didn’t want to go too expensive because it is his first smoker.  If he never used it or was terrible at smoking food, we wouldn’t be out that much money.  It’s a cheap bullet style electric smoker.

A couple weeks passed and the smoker remained in the same place, looking beautiful and new.  I got curious.  What if I smoked something?  Enter my next hair-brained scheme!

You may not quite understand how silly the idea sounded at the time because I’m banned from touching my husband’s grill.  My prohibition from the grill is a result of several failed attempts at using that grill.  My husband goads me about the black hamburgers that were still cold and bloody in the center.  I still don’t understand how that happened.  Despite my previous debacles with outdoor cooking, I decided to take action.  After all – it wasn’t the grill!

I got myself a slab of pork ribs and found myself a lovely rub recipe via Google.  I researched cook times and how long I could expect it to take to cook.  I picked up a thermometer to gauge the internal temperature of the meat.

I put wood chips in the smoker, set it up, and turned it on!  Five hours later, my ribs were delicious!  I also enjoyed it the process.  To smoke anything requires patience and I have a great deal of that!  Since then, I have smoked many more ribs, pork roasts, steaks, chicken, and a turkey!  All have turned out tremendous!!

Today is Superbowl Sunday and I’m smoking an 8-pound Boston Butt!  It’s the biggest piece of meat I have smoked so far.  It cooked for about 8 hours and turned out to be delicious.  My oldest son ate 3 pulled pork sandwiches.  The coolest part, I made my own recipe!

I never knew I have some smokin’ skills!


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