Diary of a pizza delivery driver

pizza-pie-cartoon-pizza_2_b3I deliver pizzas a few nights per week.  Personally, I think it’s fun.  I’ve had many different experiences.  I meet so many people.  Only once has somebody come to the door in a towel.  Stuff like that can get awkward and give you a chuckle, drunk ladies can scare the crap out of you, and little kids handing you a handful of change as a tip warms your heart.

Delivery drivers know which houses are good tippers and which houses give the big, round, goose egg.  So, if you can’t figure out why your pizza is always late, think about how much you tip.  A deliver driver will always take the higher tip amount first.  It’s just the way it is.

I’d say probably 80% of the deliveries I take are charged to a card of some kind.  If the customer orders on the internet, they’re able to put in a tip amount prior to completing their order.  Drivers love that!  If the tip amount isn’t done already, the customer has the option to write in a tip at the door.  Let me tell you, it takes some balls to write $0.00 while the driver is standing there in the cold rain.  In cases like that, I want so much to suggest that next time they pick up their own pizza.  Heck, if they can’t afford to tip, they can pick it up and that would save some coin.

Something that most customers do not know is that drivers often do NOT receive the delivery fee nor are we paid at least minimum wage.  In my case, I am paid $4.35/hr and receive $1 and some change per delivery.  That per delivery charge is meant to compensate me for my vehicle depreciation and gas mileage.  It’s not even factored into my wages.  So, if I have two deliveries in an hour and one stiffs me and the other tips $3, I just barely make minimum wage.

Also please understand that not all delivery drivers are the same.  Some drivers are out to take as many deliveries as possible which means they move very fast.  It’s simple math to them, more deliveries equal more tips.  They get to your door, hand off the pizzas and complete the transaction all while barely saying a word.  Some drivers really don’t care either way, they move as fast as their mood permits and may talk a little or not say anything at all.  Either way, they’re a bit awkward to deal with.  Then there are a few driver types that actually want to provide great service.  When I do a delivery, I carry a clipboard, give customers plates and napkins, greet them with a smile, play with their dogs, dance with their kids (It’s the pizza dance!), ask if they need any additional condiments (parmesan, crushed red pepper)  and most of all I genuinely care that they feel well served.  For holidays, I have handed out candy and sometimes carry dog treats.

Finally, no matter the type of driver you have at your door please remember they are a person too.  We appreciate respect and kindness.  But, if you can’t tip and you don’t have a way to pick it up yourself, we understand.  We’ve been there.  We may walk away angry or hurt but at the end of the day, God always provides.  I do my best to not get angry, I’m mostly hurt by being stiffed.  I work hard to make your day better and stiffing me tells me that my efforts are unappreciated.  Instead of sulking, I pray for those that stiff me.  It’s the best thing I can do for them.  Maybe next time they’ll be generous.


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