Looking Back #1

This recurring topic will consist of hindsight into situations of the past.  I have many and most of them relate to why certain things happen.  We all tend to wonder why bad things happen.  We tend to wallow in our own self-pity and question if God is listening to us when we suffer.  Truth is, God is working even in the terrible situations we face.  I’ve faced many things in life and had difficulty trusting God through the storms.  It isn’t until a situation comes full circle that I can see His hands in it and how Christ is glorified through terrible situations. 


Looking Back #1

Ever since I could write a sentence, I’ve been writing.  I wrote my first piece of fiction in second grade!  I have used and still use writing to work through tough situations and dilemmas.  My love of writing has been one constant throughout my life.

From the age 11 until about 29, I was not a Christian.  In fact, I was pagan.  I was involved in witchcraft, celebrated the sabbats and moon cycles, cast spells, did psychic activities, and worked with others interested learning more about pagan religions.  In 2007, God took hold of me in a way that is impossible to deny.  By the end of 2008, I had become a Christian.

The funny thing about writing fiction, for me, is that some books and events tend to write themselves.  I can’t explain it and truthfully, I don’t want to explain it.  One piece of fiction I was working on while pagan was a novel related to supernatural healing.  As I wrote, I noticed the book began to have very Christian undertones.

So, there I was, writing a Christian novel while practicing paganism.  I still have yet to finish that novel.  I plan to in the future but will do a complete re-write.  I got to editing some of the book back then and tried to reconcile the events to my beliefs.  I fought with the novel so much it became a giant, garbled mess!

So, looking back I can see how God was trying to use that novel as a means to bring me to Him.  I can’t help but laugh at my previous self.  I even tried to consider that I could, as a pagan, write a Christian fiction novel…

A pagan writing Christian inspirational fiction?  BWAHAHAHAHA!!


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