Fiction writer’s mind


Imagine, if you will, a never ending hallway.  Why never-ending?  Because the imagination of a fiction writer is never-ending.  The walls are lined with a continuum of doors and the lighting differs throughout the expanse.  Every hallway is as different as the person whose mind is behind it.  The doors represent the many worlds the writer has invented.  One door may be the medieval romance, another door could contain the horror novel they dreamt up while suffering through another bout of depression.  Regardless of what is contained within these doors, it all remains the same to the fiction writer.  Behind each door lies an entire world, sometimes so real to the writer that the characters could be described as loved and cherished friends.  When our characters suffer, we experience their pain.  When they reach victory, we celebrate with them.  Visiting these worlds is the escape of the fiction writer.

I admit, I have escaped numerous times into these worlds.  Many of those worlds I still visit frequently, others I have locked away.  Nobody wants to visit the worlds dreamt up during the darkest periods of teenage angst, it’s just too depressing – even to the happiest of dreamers.

The beauty behind a writer’s mind is that when we shut one door, we can build another.  I can place myself in differing perspectives, from an aged sage in some distant future to a child running the dirt streets of ancient Jerusalem.  Not only is it in my imagination, but when I close my eyes I can see it as though it were right in front of me, as if it were my own reality.

This is the mind God has given me, a gift in its truest form.  For too long I have kept these worlds to myself.  It’s time to let them out and let others enjoy the beauty I find within.  These worlds, and the characters inside them, aren’t meant to be locked away.  They’re meant to encourage, teach, and bring hope to a reality devoid of inspiration.


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