Warning labels


Donald Trump was actually inaugurated a few days ago.  In some places, protests erupted.  Yet, in most places life continued as normal.  I actually watched the inauguration.  I watched Obama’s inaugurations as well.  I guess I wanted to see if maybe there was anything new.  I was sorely disappointed with each inauguration.  Nope, nothing new.

The thing I don’t get is why do some view his inauguration with such gloom and doom?  Seriously?  Is this man the harbinger of doom meant to trample on your rights as an American?  I highly doubt it and if you truly fear that he is, then maybe you should place your hope in something other than people and governments.  Additionally, if you think it is the government that gives you rights, then you don’t understand rights or freedom at all.

In the preamble to the Constitution it says, endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights.  Just Who do you think the writers were referring to when they say Creator?  Did the government create you?  No.  Your mother or father?  If that were the case, they would have said parents in the preamble – not Creator.  Our forefathers are referring to God. Gasp! (Insert dramatic music here.)  For too long, many people have put their hope in men and government.  When you place your hope and confidence in men, you will always face disappointment.  Now, these people have to turn elsewhere for their hope and I pray they turn to the Bible.  There’s good advice there, especially Psalms 118:8  It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man.

Unfortunately, many will turn to therapists and antidepressants.  Personally, I prefer to have real hope rather than therapy bills and unpleasant side effects.  Have you seen some of the warning labels that accompany antidepressants?  You may not feel so depressed any longer but is the abdominal cramping, dry mouth, diarrhea, or whatever worth it?  You’ll have to take additional medication to medicate the side effects.  That’s insane!  If I were to write a warning label for the Bible, it would read: Warning: May cause sudden onset of great joy, hope, humility, wisdom, and contentment.  When taken alongside prayer, patient may surreptitiously break into song.  Not to be read in the dark but will be a proverbial light in darkness.  When used as a weapon, evil will flee.  Use frequently and share liberally.


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