Safely Home (A Review)


I’ve had the book Safely Home by Randy Alcorn for probably 5 years now.  Only recently have I been able to read it.  I’ve attempted to read it a few times prior, just never got into it.  It wasn’t one of my favorites but the proverbial “meat and potatoes” of the book was good.

The book takes place mostly in China.  However, the first part of the book frequently switches back and forth from China to the USA.  The book takes a long time to actually set the scenario appropriately.  It can mostly be summed up by saying, “Two college buddies that have gone two different paths reunite for some serious life lessons about faith, hope, and persecution.”

The book does bring a good amount of awareness to the persecution of the Christian church in China.  The references to torture and the executions cannot be ignored.

As a Christian myself, I found it encouraged my faith and my desire to be bold about my relationship with Christ.  That was of definite benefit to the book.  The pace of the book isn’t what I usually prefer but it kept me in the loop just enough to continue reading.  Alcorn’s style did make it possible for me to visualize the scenes in my mind, allowing me to be drawn more into the book.

As the story line progressed, the foreshadowing does indicate that something you hope won’t happen, will actually happen.  By the time the event does occur, you are praying it happens sooner than later.  I’m speaking vaguely because I do not want to spoil one of the book’s climaxes.

To me, the ending of the book itself was rather anti-climactic.  It isn’t until the epilogue that the greatest victory ensues, so be sure to read that part!


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