The Shack

I recently saw a trailer for the new movie The Shack.  I am rather excited about this movie.  I will be at the first available showing and with bells on, I might add!  I’ll also have plenty of tissues handy.

When I first found out that they turned one of my favorite books into a movie, I admit, I scoffed.  There was no way they could stay completely true to the book.  This book has to have been the most raw and enthralling book of fiction I’ve ever read.  I read it straight through, cover to cover, over the course of eight hours.  Around the sixth hour, I developed a raging headache but that didn’t stop me.  I wasn’t just reading, I was in that shack – experiencing everything right alongside Mack, the main character.

I can remember crying my eyes out, throwing the book across the room (subsequently picking it back up), and experiencing great joy from this book.  It most certainly is a roller coaster of emotion.  How can the movie possibly compare?

So, I watched the trailer and was expecting to find disappointment.  Instead, I became excited.  The short snippets of scenes in the trailer rang true to the images in my own head.  So, here I am, looking forward to March 3, 2017.  You should too…


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